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Hi there! I’m a 39 (ish +4) year-old OCD sufferer and sometimes fair-weather cyclist. I originate from the Derby/Nottingham area of the East Midlands, but now reside in the beautiful countryside of East Sussex.

At the 2015 ConferenceAlthough I suffer with OCD and in my working life I’m the Chief Executive of the national charity OCD-UK, I try not to let my OCD who define I am.

If you suffer with OCD it is vitally important to have interests and ambitions, if for no other reason than to give yourself a recovery goal to work towards. And should that day occur where OCD is no longer a significant part of your daily life, you need other interest to fill the vacuum left by OCD.

This blog will be my personal observations and opinions, mainly about mental health and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), but occasionally about non OCD subjects also.

I won’t be writing frequently, only when I feel I have something to say which offers opinion on relevant subjects. I hope along the way I engage and encourage people to deal with OCD in a positive way.

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P.S. I was actually born in 73 but I can’t quite accept the fact I am over forty….