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Kathmandu Litehaul 38L Carry On – Luggage Review

I’m not a seasoned traveller, so take this with pinch of salt, but I wanted to share this luggage discovery I stumbled on for my recent Majorcan cycling trip…. and no I am not on commission!

I used to struggle with finding suitable luggage for 5/6 days away. Most backpacks would leave my clothes crumbled and hard to find, and bigger bags would be just too cumbersome when walking or fall outside carry on allowances, until I discovered this beauty last month. The Kathmandu Litehaul 38L Carry On bag, a New Zealand based company.  The perfect bag for 5 or 6 days away, the dimensions are perfect for Easyjet carry on allowance (not sure on other airlines).

This is a backpack with a difference, on that fully opens like a suitcase so you easily place/locate clothes, rather than pushing them down like most backpacks.   With top and side pockets for laptops, and keys/coins etc.

The top pocket is genius, makes life easy to grab your book when it’s in the overhead cabin storage (see image to the left).   The perfectly placed grab handles on the top and side for however you want to carry the bag, again the image to the left show it perfectly located to pull the bag from the overhead.  There’s even an external water bottle holder on the side.  There’s also a compression strap on the outside to keep the bag well packed down for going through airline checks. I seriously love this bag, this will be my go to luggage for those short trips away. 

I highly recommend this bag, and it even comes in three colour choices too, straight black, blue/navy blue and a grey choice. And if you join their loyalty club (free) you can get 10% off, great service too I ordered and was with me in 48 hours.

Check it out on the Kathmandu website.

I also found this Kathmandu Packing Cell perfectly sized and padded to store my bike Garmin computer, chargers and bike camera (green padded pocket in the image to the right).

I should be on commission thinking about it!!!