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Adulting…. Mortgage saving when in debt

So in the last 18 months, I have started ‘adulting’…. and saving for my first mortgage… this is my honest saving story of someone aged *cough* 47 without savings, already in significant debt. I will reflect honestly about… Read More

Recognising your struggles can be life-saving

Earlier this week I read a report finding summary that men aged 40-54 have the highest suicide rates in the UK, and whilst I knew the statistic about men, I had not realised the age bracket and suddenly… Read More

In the blink of an eye I am 47, what happened?!

Ashley - Promotional Pic 2005

The other day I stumbled on this photo which I had not seen for a while and I started to reminisce about all the good our charity team have achieved in the 15 years since that photograph was… Read More

One of us has to go by Katja Schulz

My colleague at OCD-UK has written a full review of this book over at on the OCD-UK website but I wanted to add my thoughts. These days there are numerous books sharing first-hand accounts about OCD and several… Read More

Sex, masturbation, semen and OCD

Well that title should catch people’s attention!!! A couple of weeks ago I restarted therapy for a problem that I have frankly been too embarrassed to talk about at length and deal with. Whilst I have made fantastic… Read More